Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Casa Style.

These are a few fun shots I've taken of the place my husband & I rent on the edge of downtown San Diego. It's a Jonathan Segal unit & if you are familiar with his work you know that everything he does is very industrial. He is an amazing architect & we love our place! 

I am continually moving things around in the house as we slowly add new pieces. You may notice a bit in these photos. This is the first time I've posted  photos of my place & I will be posting more home inspiration in the future. I love interior design & wish I had more time (and funds) to pour in to it. I will really dive in when we purchase our first home. You can only do so much went your renting but it's still fun & important to create an environment you enjoy coming home to. I like my home to be inviting, clean, modern with cozy touches, peaceful, inspiring. I love mixing vintage & new. I love fresh whites, but I also love bold color. I had to get the painting hanging above our dining table because it had all of the colors I plan to incorporate in our place.

Now that you've seen these photos you'll notice that some of my older posts & posts to come feature photos that were taken inside & outside of our place. There is so much uniqueness to the design of the unit alone that it has to be shown. Our bedroom has one regular wall, one wall that's a big window (you see this in the reflections photo collage), & the wall behind our bed is steel. The floor & ceiling are steel as well. My favorite is the textured steel wall behind the "bar". Outside I love the rusty garage door. You'll see this in an upcoming post so stay tuned! ;)

xoxo - E


  1. this makes me want to stay at your haouse all day long and watch a movie then have a dance party then have a cocktail :)