Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Thrifty Tuesday.

From Top to Bottom, Left to Right: 
B&W Jacket $5.99 / Denim Jacket $7.99 / Hawaiian Jacket $4.99, Sweater $5.99 / Skirt $5.99 / Pants $7.99
Shoes: $5.99 each pair, Chunk of Coral: $7.99, Wall Decor $5.99, Dish $.99

It was a great afternoon of thrifting at Goodwill! I was actually out to use a gift card at Neiman Marcus (can't wait for you to see the dress I chose) & I couldn't resist swinging through Goodwill. First of all "swinging through" always turns in to an hour or two. Secondly, there is a Goodwill a few blocks from my place so it's a trap. I photographed everything I found there today & I must say I'm quite excited about these finds! 
My goal was to find a denim jacket that I could make a vest by cutting off the sleeves. Usually when I'm searching for a particular item it takes a few trips to find it if I even do. This time, I found such a fab denim jacket I don't even think I can cut the sleeves! It's Gap & basically brand new. The printed pants still had the original tag. I'm not sure exactly what I'm going to do with the hawaiian jacket. It's pretty outrageous so of course I had to take it home. Make it a vest? Rock it out as is? We will see! ;)
I've been looking for a great chunk of coral & I was beyond excited when I walked in & this was the first thing I saw. Its not a great color but an easy fix with spray paint. I also love that the $7.99 GW sticker was covering the original sticker of $19.99. Another basically new piece! I've been keeping an eye out for wall decor like I found today as well. I'm telling you, it was just my day at GW!! I always get excited in the home section since you can almost always find a neat vintage like dish, bowl, glasses, or something. This one with flowers just made me happy. Side note: GW stands for Goodwill. My mom & I love thrifting & we also refer to Salvation Army as SA. 
I'm so excited to put looks together with my new finds! Have you found any goodies thrifting lately? 


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