Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fall Finds.

Let me start by saying it is hard to be a girl! There is a lot of routine maintenance required. Hair cuts and color, manicures, pedicures, waxing, tweezing, bronzing, botox, dressing, spritzing, make up, the list goes on. Whew! As I have gotten older I have learned that some of these things can just wait a while. Even though they make me feel more fresh and womanly at the end of the day they are luxuries. And when you have have to decide what's most important. Sacrifices must be made! So when I went to get my brows waxed today (it has been like three months) I decided to "pop in" to Forever 21 and see what's new. We all know what that means. Temptation island!!! After I browsed, tried on, and had a pile bigger than me I had a choice to make. Can my hair cut wait another few weeks (it's already been a few months)?? Yes, it absolutely can. After all, the top knot isn't going anywhere. I am also blessed to have a husband who understands my crazy girl language. When I called him at work to say I found a few things and it would be in place of my hair and stuff he instantly knew I needed a fix. He is so good to me and he always let's us live while keeping us on track with our financial goals. I love designer pieces and I work at a luxury boutique, but it is not necessary to buy everything high end. We must live within our means. I like to buy things everywhere and mix-n-match. I want to relate with others and I never want to be in a place where I think I am above anything. That said, I have standards within my means. ;) 

Today I found some fantastic pieces at Forever 21 and I am even more excited for Fall than I was already! Leather, studs, plaid, velvet, cozy sweatshirts...bring it on! The key to shopping at stores like F21 is finding pieces that will mix well with better quality pieces at home. It's also about fabric, texture, and fit. I look for pieces that I see myself wearing for years, not just trends. Having style isn't about being trendy. It's about wearing what you love and being comfortable no matter what anyone else thinks. Trends generally never look good on everyone and not all trends should be worn in public. I always say if it looks good on you and you feel fabulous, rock it. Who cares if it's the hot item right now or not. My thing is leggings. I LOVE them. All prints, textures, weights..I can't get enough of them. I think they are comfortable, versatile and sexy when styled well. I will wear them to the grave even if they are totally "out of style".

What are you most looking forward to wearing this Fall? xoxo - E

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