Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday Best.



Dress: Vintage: La Loupe Vintage / Shoes: Stuart Weitzman / Handbag: Vintage (Thrifted)
Heart Ring: F21 / Bangles: Target (old) / On My Toes: OPI "You're Such a Budapest"

Do you remember the days of getting dressed up for church? I know for me growing up it was a day you always wanted to look your best. After all, you are going to God's house & that's a reason to dress up. Now days it's more much laid back & most people just come in their jeans, tees & sandals. There is nothing wrong with this because the important thing is that you are at church & making God a priority in your life. Most of us are coming from somewhere or going somewhere after church as life just keeps getting busier. This morning I just found myself missing the days of Sunday being more of a special occasion. I was reflecting on Sunday's growing up. Our house would be bustling as everyone got ready for church. Dad was always sitting at the table reading the Sunday newspaper, sipping his coffee. He would put aside all the store flyer's for me since he knew I loved to look at the ad's. The flyer's were Target, JCP, Kohl's, etc. I would circle pieces or looks that I loved. Tear out pages or bend the corners to look at later. This was my inspiration before I started reading magazines. After church my family would always go out to eat with a big group. We basically took over whatever joint we landed in. It was always a happy day filled with family, friends, & time with God. This is a tradition I want to get back to & carry on. We all need a day to focus on what's important, reflect, be thankful & spend quality time with God & family. This is especially important for kids. I believe it helps keep you grounded & when you're all grown up & experiencing the challenges of life you can reflect on these days & come back to center remembering what's most important in life. God first, family second, then career.

Today is the first time I've worn this dress & I bought it months ago! I instantly fell in love with the color & style of the dress when I found it at La Loupe Vintage shop. It was an awful length & because of the boxiness I had to have it chopped off. A lot of times people overlook fab pieces because they doesn't see past it's hanger appeal. I love to envision every piece all accessorized & tailored if need be. The fresh peachy coral color of this dress naturally brightens your mood & the vintage style made me feel extra ladylike. Stella ran around by my feet & I sipped coffee while playing with tying the scarf around my hair. With my something old dress & bag I paired something Stuart Weitzman cork sandals. They are the perfect chic shoe to complete a look without being overpowering. Overall I had a little extra pep in my step today. 

Did you have a Sunday tradition growing up? What have you been reflecting on lately?


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