Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Little Things

Once in a while you just need to stop & appreciate all the little things. I am very blessed to work in beautiful La Jolla, CA & some days I forget. We all get in our daily routines & I don't know about you, but in the morning I'm always thinking about everything I need to get done for the day, etc. I drive to work, park, speed walk down the sidewalk to the store (if you've spent any time with me you know I walk's just habit), unlock the door & the work day begins. 

Lately I've been more aware of this & I decided it's time to slow down & "smell the roses." I have a little walk from the structure I park in to the store & it can be very enjoyable if I get to La Jolla a little early. I decided to take a few snapshots & share my daily experience with you. 

Photo 1: 
Driving in to La Jolla when you exit Torrey Pines from 5 North. The view of the ocean, blue skies & palm trees never gets old. 

Photo 2: 
I love this unique building with the colorful design across from the parking garage. 

Photo 3: 
Adelaide's Flower Shop. I love walking by here every day. It's so pretty & they have the most beautiful flowers! It's fun how it's ever changing with the seasons & holiday's. There is always a new color story out front.

Photo 4:
This month's featured flower at Adelaide's is the lilac. These are some of my favorites; they smell amazing. It also brings back memories from MN. There were so many lilac bushes & we always used to pick them as kids & bring them home to put in vases. 

Photo 5:
The seahorse & seashell chairs along the sidewalk. They just make me happy! Only in a beach town. :) 

Photo 6: 
The chess table is always set up in front of Warwick's Book Store & I love walking by & seeing people playing. It makes it feel small town. 

Photo 7:
The Ralph Lauren Shop window. It's a gorgeous store & the window displays are always so colorful, preppy & chic. I dream of lounging at a beautiful ranch in long Ralph Lauren dresses cinched with big belts & eating comfort food around a picnic table with my family some day. Sigh...

Photo 8:
The hanging flower plants on the lamp post in front of KERUT, the boutique I work at. I sweep up these red petals each morning but it's worth it!

Photo 9:
The view from the back window at KERUT. No further explanation necessary.

Photo 10:
Driving in to downtown San Diego coming home from work. The harbor to the right & airplanes flying in to land at the nearby airport; it's quite beautiful. 

In addition to the photos there are many little things each day that I am thankful for & I never want to take for granted. The smell of fresh coffee brewing in the kitchen. The hug, kiss & "I love you" my husband gives me before leaving for work each morning. The excited look on Stella's face when I get home from work as she starts bouncing in anticipation for me to move the baby gate so she can give me kisses. The quiet stillness of the night when Josiah, Stella & I curl up in bed to go to sleep. The text messages I get from my Mom that read "Dad & I are so proud of you" after I put up a new blog post. The peace that fills my heart & home when I pray to my Heavenly Father. Knowing that my family is healthy & thriving. I am so thankful & blessed beyond measure. 

What "little things" do you see & experience everyday? I'd love to hear!


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