Friday, November 9, 2012

We are Owls

Top: James Perse / Pants: Lauren Conrad / Scarf: We are Owls / Booties: Charles David 
Shades: Forever 21 /  Ring: Charlotte Russe

I think it's safe to say that scarves are my favorite accessory. Especially living in CA. Here they are a necessity on a daily basis year round. It's always cooler in the morning and in the evening when the sun goes down. I always keep one with me in my purse or car, at work, etc.  I can't get enough of them!! I love all of the different weights and textures. Light and airy for spring/summer, thick and chunky for fall/winter. With every color, print, weight and texture imaginable being out there scarves are the perfect way to spice up your wardrobe without spending a fortune. There are great inexpensive ones (I have my share), and fabulous pricier ones that are worth the investment if they are cashmere or silk. I wear my scarves constantly so to me it's the same as investing in a pair of comfortable shoes. 

We are Owls is an amazing line of scarves!! This is my very first WAO scarf and I am in love!!! This one I'm wearing is 100% cashmere so it's warm, yet still very light. We are Owls launched in Fall 2010 and was dreamt up by three friends that love to combine fashion and art. The designer, Ling Chen, was raised in New York City and her surroundings helped her visualize the world like an owl does, 360 degrees at a time. These scarves truly are works of art! Most of the scarves are so beautiful and unique you'll find yourself tempted to frame them for your home instead of wearing them! I just might do this one day. In these photos I paired my lady deer print WAO scarf with a pair of loose silk pants, a cozy off the shoulder James Perse top, and a funky pair of booties. These scarves are also the perfect size. They make them long enough to wrap as many different ways as you know how, and just wide enough that you can wear them like a pashmina around your shoulders with a cocktail dress. Whatever your personal style: dressy, casual, simple, funky, edgy, feminine...there is a perfect WAO scarf for you! 

Do you have a favorite line of scarves? What's your favorite scarf in your closet and how do you wear yours?

x's and o's, 

Photos by: Bethany Sousa Photography

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