Monday, September 9, 2013

More is More.

Dress: Zara / Shoes: Celine / Handbag: Vintage (thrifted) / All Jewelry: LFR Designs

I am head over heels in love with this dress and shoes I pulled and borrowed from the closet of my girl Dr. Zoe Rafaat (click on Perfect Face). I have always loved sharing clothes, shoes and accessories with my girlfriends but it rarely happens once you are married, no longer have roommates, and don't go out as often. Even though I have a styling blog and wardrobe clients for my job that does not mean I don't have a fashion crisis every now and again. When my husband and I decided last minute to attend the Museum of Contemporary Art Monte Carlo event after party (with a Saint Tropez theme) I realized I had nothing to wear. I text Zoe and she generously opened her closet to me. As girls we all get sick of our own closets from time to time and feel better in anything other than our own stuff. Diving in to Zoe's closet was the same thrill as going shopping for something new. This look was totally me and since Zoe and I share a love for the same pieces I knew I would find something fabulous to borrow. It is so important to wear looks that you feel comfortable and fabulous in. If you aren't comfortable it will show. Having girlfriends with a similar style makes it easier to wear a completely "new" look from time to time. That said, I am very particular about who borrows my things. They must be as particular as I am and my one rule is that they never wash anything. I am a freak about laundering and that is how I make pieces last a long time. It's worth the time and TLC! 

Let's talk about the jewelry...I am in love with all things LFR Designs!!! Leslie Fastlicht Russo is an amazing jewelry designer and her pieces are addicting! They are bold, unique, and timeless. When in doubt about what pieces to wear, put them all on!! My look was somewhat day time so I had to sass it up with a bit of bling. In the photos above I am wearing bone earrings, resin bracelets with semi precious stones, a Swarovski cuff, a snakeskin/drusy/Swarovski wrap bracelet, large amethyst ring and a stacked Swarovski ring. In my world of accessorizing, more is more! ;)


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