Sunday, October 28, 2012


Hey Y'all! 

My husband Josiah and I recently got to spend almost five days in Nashville with our dear friends Chad & Julie Cannon. Such a treat! It's a place I've always wanted to visit and when they moved there a few months ago I knew we had to make it happen. We stayed at the Cannon's cozy new pad and it felt like home. Chad picked us up at the airport and when we arrived at their home fall leaves covered the driveway, the porch had pumpkins on display, Maddux (the pup) and Julie greeted us at the door, appetizers and Grey Goose were served and our Nashville adventure began. We did everything from honky tonkin, to curling up with blankets and coffee on the couch, to church on Sunday, to thrift shopping, to eating more than any person should in one day. Friendships grew stronger, memories were made, good times were had. 

I'm excited to tell you about some of my new favorite spots and share my snapshots with you. Have you been to Nashville? I'd love to hear about your favorite spot! 

xoxo - Erica

Me & Hubbs...Nashville bound!

Oh how I love my sheep hair vest, but I'm positive everyone within a three-row radius hated me! I need to find a way to make it quit shedding or it will be nothing but a shell by the end of the year & that would be tragic.
Yeeehaaaww!! Honky Tonkin! SO MUCH FUN!!!
Barista Parlor
519B Gallatin Ave

NashvilleTN 37206

Transmission repair shop turned coffee shop. Genius! 
I loved this place before I even made it through the garage doors. The vibe was so cool! It's less "cozy" and more industrial, but still a place you could sit down to do a little work, read a great book, or meet up with friends. This is not a grab & go kind of spot. 

When you go to Barista Parlor be prepared to wait a bit for your drink. 
They have multiple roasters, multiple brew methods, and each drink is handcrafted by-the-cup. It is amazing coffee. Seriously...crack in a cup! I had an iced tea that was equally impressive. The coffee selection is from Stumptown, Coava Coffee, Counter Culture (North Carolina), Madcap (Michigan), Sightglass (California), and Intelligentsia. 

I only had coffee & tea, but will make a point to have brunch next time I'm in town. The breakfast menu offers choices from Porter Road Butcher, The Bloomy Rind, Dozen Bakery, and Foxy Baking. Mmm! They like to keep things local whenever possible which makes them even cooler. The staff uniform includes denim made by local specialists at Imogene + Willie (
I did go here and I have never seen anything like it), and a custom designed waxed canvas apron by local leather worker Emil Congdon of Emil Erwin. 
Hattie B's
112 19th Avenue South

NashvilleTN 37203

Oh Hattie B's...I have been craving this chicken every day since I tried it! I had a hot plate which I highly recommend. I would go back to Nashville just for this! ;)
The Flying Saucer
111 10th Avenue South #310

NashvilleTN 37203

Train Station turned Pub. Love it! I am a huge soft pretzel lover and these were by far the best I've ever had. More importantly..the dipping sauces. I was beyond excited that the pretzels were served with not one, but four dip choices! Melted cheeses, yellow mustard, queso & honey mustard. It's a good thing four of us were sharing or I would have been sick form chowing these too quickly. 

When we walked outside the sky was overwhelming. The perfect shade of blue hanging above gorgeous trees covered in vibrant fall colored leaves. 
While on our way to a bonfire in Franklin at the home of Harris & Kate (friends of our close friends - Chad & Julie); we saw the sun hitting this patch of trees and had to pull over. The boys stayed in the car while Julie and I jumped out in excitement.  The air was crisp, the sun was setting, the leaves were was beautiful. I noticed that our shadows were showing on the trees and these ended up being my favorite photos. 
This was truly a time when we captured the moment.
1109 Davenport Boulevard #600

FranklinTN 37064

I wish I had more photos from our experience at Sopapilla's! The food was beyond delicious. We went after church on Sunday and sat on the patio. The sun was shining, there was a breeze, birds were chirping, country tunes by Little Big Town echoed from inside the restaurant, we were spending time with close was perfect. We started with the fresh made margaritas and table side guacamole. I highly recommend both!

The founders, Steve & Sharon Dale, named the place after the complimentary treat delivered at the end of your meal (see delicious looking photo above). In the words of Carrington Fox from Nashville Scene they are "golden-brown pillows of sweet friend dough". Yep, that sums it up! Now I'm drooling a little. 
The Pharmacy
731 Mcferrin Avenue
Nashville, TN 37206

This place was so chill! We sat outside and it was like being at a picnic in someone's back yard. It's literally a fenced in "yard" behind the inside area and there are picnic tables spread out. White lights are strung between the trees adding to the backyard bbq feel. 

We had a great server, I wish I could remember his name! I will journal next time. He was so laid back, friendly and helpful with recommendations. The service always makes or breaks the experience. It was beers all around at this place. :) Hubbs and I shared the farm burger and fries. The burger was awesome, the fries not so much. Julie was generous enough to share her tots which were much better. We ended with chocolate milkshakes to go and they were delightful. 
Percy Warner Park 
7311 Hwy 100 
Nashville, TN 37221

If you've been watching the new TV series Nashville you'll recognize this park. The staircase is so pretty! We didn't get a chance to go for a real hike, but this is something I'll do next time we visit as well. We stopped by to check it out on our way to the airport, well worth the quick stop! Fall is by far the best time to visit Nashville. The trees, the leaves, the crisp air, sigh...
4027 Hillsboro Pike
Nashville, TN 37215

I didn't do too much shopping while I was in Nashville, but I did get to see this fabulous boutique! It reminded me a lot of KERUT (where I work in La Jolla, CA). H. Audrey carried a lot of the same lines and others that I love! The striped wall paper and lighting at the cash wrap area grabbed my attention right away. It also had a staircase that went up to loft type area that was all sale merchandise. Umm..yes please! Next time I'm in Nashville I will leave room in my suitcase for the purchases I'll make here. :)
(Old Made Good)
1304 McGavock Pike
Nashville, TN 37206

Julie brought me to this little gem of a shop our last morning in town. First, I couldn't get over how cute the OMG sign in the yard was. I mean..seriously?! So clever. Then, I saw the rack of sweaters on the porch and had five hanging from my arm before I even made it through the front door! Luckily only one made the cut or I would have been forced to ship a box home. As it was we were nearly sitting on the bags to zip them. I did well; I only  bought one sweater, a polka dot blouse and the bird. Yes!

Josiah (my husband) is such a trooper. Always willing to hold my bag and offer his opinion. He loves how excited I get about finding vintage goodies. He even agreed to buy me the bird I loved that was a display. We scored and got it for $20! Even if something's not marked, ask if it's for sale. You never know! I'll post a photo when it arrives via UPS. 

Pre to Post Modern
2110 8th Avenue South
NashvilleTN 37204

I loved this shop! It was filled with amazing furniture, home decor, jewelry, clothing and so much more! I'm beyond excited about my Audrey Hepburn poster & necklace I scored here. If I had a way to bring home furniture I would have left with a lot more! 

* These photos were all taken with my iphone. I did take a few with a real camera as well so stay tuned for a little more country fun. Second post coming soon!


  1. this trip looks like it was beyond fun!
    Glad you had such a great time :)
    I just started following your blog & I adore it!
    follow back?! :)
    please & thank you <3

  2. love it all!!! jealous I wasnt with you. ps..leopard pants are amaze!

  3. Bethany it would have double the adventure with you there! Next time your coming with! ;)

  4. I feel like I got to come along on the trip with you!!! Thank you for sharing all of these great pics! I want to go to SO many of the places you posted about :D